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We provide various online public records searches as well as personal background checks, criminal records, bankruptcy records, SSN verification and more!

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Online public records search
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Online Public Records Search

Online public records search retrieval is your online source for background checks, criminal history reports, warrant searches, bankruptcy records and much more. When faced with important decisions regarding those you interact with, gives you all the information you need to make confident, informed choices.

Our services are quick and comprehensive. With access to a wide range of online databases and a national network of court researchers, provides fast turnaround times and accurate results. When you need to know who you're dealing with, think of first. is NOT a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA). does not provide any background check information that should be used for employment screening or hiring purposes. If you need employment screening services, please contact a CRA.

Online Public Records Search Service

Personal Background Check Package

- Comprehensive package includes a collection of our most popular searches
- Turnaround time averages - 6 to 72 hours

Your package includes:

- Statewide or County Criminal Search*
- Bankruptcy Records Search
- Lien and Judgments Search
- Statewide Federal Criminal Search
- Nationwide Sex Offender Search


*Please note: Statewide Criminal Searches are not available in all states. In the event a Statewide Criminal Search is unavailable a County Criminal Search will be offered.

Online public records search/Nationwide public records search retriever  

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