Bankruptcy Records Search  

Fast and accurate bankruptcy records search. we retrieve information directly from U.S. bankruptcy courts.

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Bankruptcy Records Search  

bankruptcy records search retrieval
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Bankruptcy Records Search

Bankruptcy records search
gives you the freedom to research anyone's financial stability confidentially. Check your future spouse's financial background, or protect your company from working with a business that has suffered bankruptcy in the past. Our bankruptcy records search retrieves personal and commercial bankruptcy records directly from U.S. bankruptcy courts nationwide. Most results are delivered within 24 hours.

Bankruptcy Records Search Service Detail

Bankruptcy records search  bankruptcy records search sample report 
Turnaround time - within 24 hours

Your report includes:

- Case number
- Court location
- Debtor
- Filing date
- Filing state

- Filing type (chapter 7,   chapter 13, etc)
- Discharge date and status
- Filing status (individual and joint)
- Trustee information (name, address, etc)


 ~ SAMPLE REPORT ~ Bankruptcy Records Search

 Subject Information:

Name: Linda, Marco
SSN: 999-88-XXXX
Date of birth: 03/03/1972

 Case Information:

Case #: 95-15798 Judge: Riblet, FrankFile
Date: 02/02/1996 Chapter: 7 Disposition: Discharge Granted
Discharge Date: 01/01/1998
Reopen: N/A Discharge Date: 06/26/1998
Status: Case closed Case Type: Joint Voluntary
Assets: Yes Paid: Yes

 Debtor Information:

Party 1

Party 2

Linda, Marco
1300 E, Broadway Rd, Los Angeles, CA 93253

Jones, James
5124 Ohio Ave, San Jose, CA 93251

 Trustee Information:  

David F. Lopez
POB 610 Medford, CA 95214
Phone: 358-099-XXXX

End of bankruptcy records search report

This is a copy sample report. Actual report format and information retrieved may vary by states.
Online Bankruptcy Records Search  

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