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Online civil records search

Research non-criminal litigation to which your subject has been a party. A civil records search will identify suits filed by individuals or corporations, including product liability suits, civil rights violations and judgment for non-payment of goods, as well as litigation related to divorce, marriage and child custody. Civil records are retrieved from local courts by our nationwide network of court researchers. You will receive your confidential report in 1 to 3 business days.

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- Retrieve from civil upper court (7 years)
- Turnaround time - 1 to 3 business day
- Manual retrieval by experienced court researchers
- Court access fee included

Your report includes:

- Name of the court
- File number
- File date
- Plaintiff

- Defendant name
- Cause of action
- Judgment


 ~ SAMPLE REPORT ~ Civil court records search

 Subject Information:

Name: Smith, Mike
AKA: None
SSN: 999-88-XXXX
Date of birth: 03/03/19XX
County/State: Maricopa, AZ

 Case Information:

Case #: 15488
File date: 08/21/1998
Plaintiff: Student loan marketing
Defendant: Smith, Mike
Cause of action: Contract complaint ($10,250.00)
Judgment date:01/12/1999
Judgment: Judgment for plaintiff
Note: Verified by name and date of birth


This is a sample report. Actual report format and information retrieved may vary by states.
Civil Court Records Search  

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