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Criminal & Civil court records search  

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Criminal & Civil court records search

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Criminal & Civil court records search criminal/civil records sample report 

- Felony and misdemeanor records (7 years)
- Civil court records - Civil upper index court (7 years)
- Turnaround time - 1 to 3 business days
- Manual retrieval by experienced court researchers
- Court access fee included

Your report includes:

Criminal records
- Case number
- Disposition date
- File date
- Charges
- Sentences

Civil records
- Name of the court
- File number
- File date
- Plaintiff

- Defendant name
- Date of birth
- Sex
- Race
- County name

- Defendant name
- Cause of action
- Judgment


 ~ SAMPLE REPORT ~ Criminal & Civil court records search

 Subject Information:

Name: Smith, Mike
AKA: None
SSN: 999-88-XXXX
Date of birth: 03/03/19XX
County/State: Maricopa, AZ

 Criminal Records :

Case #: 52-1542-23
Charge: Burglary
Type of crime: Felony
Sentence: 5 Years in Prison
Fines: $1,000
Disposition Date: 12/11/19XX
File Date: 03/05/19XX
Disposition: Guilty
Probation: 3 Years
Prison time: 5 Years
Note: Verified by name and date of birth

 Civil Records :

Case #: 15488
File date: 08/21/1998
Plaintiff: Student loan marketing
Defendant: Smith, Mike
Cause of action: Contract complaint ($10,250.00)
Judgment date:01/12/1999
Judgment: Judgment for plaintiff
Note: Verified by name and date of birth

End of search

This is a sample report. Actual report format and information retrieved may vary by states.
Criminal & Civil court records search  

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